Our mission is to supply professionals with high-quality fabrics and set the industry standard for innovation that is valuable for our customers across the globe.

Bru is a leading global supplier of interior furnishing fabrics. Our extensive collections and designs contain fabrics that meet all requirements, including upholstery, curtains and drapery. Both physically and digitally.

Bru is a leading global supplier of fabrics

+15 Million

Each year, Bru ships tens of millions of meters of fabric around the world, assisted by its unique and exclusive Bru Services.

100 Countries

Our fabrics are sold in over 100 countries to the world’s leading fabric brands, furniture manufacturers and the hospitality/health care sector.

21 000 SKUs

With our wide variety of fabrics, suitable for all applications, we have the skills, expertise and standards to deliver the fabric you need.

Higher efficiency, at lower costs

Our services have helped customers achieve higher efficiencies, at lower costs, throughout the entire procurement and marketing process.

Part of the Bru ethos is curiosity.

This means that our technical knowledge and expertise is constantly evolving while we also invest in innovative operations and service solutions. Our customers receive great service and delivery: this is the most important thing for us. We continue to explore, evolve and grow and always maintain our passion for fabrics.
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Twinbru Digital Fabric

Delivering high quality renders of interior furnishings & scenes with 3D fabrics that match the actual fabrics.


Bru Sustainability

With an eternal lifespan determined to have a positive impact for generations to come.


Our success

Our success is attributed to two main factors: our reputation for reliability, quality and service, coupled with the hard work of our highly motivated, creative and skilled team of engaged employees.