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The Bru Full Solution will result in decreasing your total cost of ownership and vastly reducing the ever-increasing complexity relating to the purchasing and marketing of fabrics.

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In-House Design Studio

All Bru products are proprietary designed and styled in Bru’s in-house design studio delivering innovative fabrics to customers.
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Certified Textile Lab

Labotex is an independent testing laboratory serving innovators in the soft furnishing and decorative fabric industry. Its analytical techniques, rigorous testing methods and commitment to the ISO 17025 standard ensure excellence in textile analysis.
Discover Labotex
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First Class Supply Chain

Bru offers best-in-class service with 1-piece minimums delivered by automated logistics and handling procedures. Bru serves our customers with an online inventory check available at any time of the day or night. This fully online service allows customers to track orders in real time and receive status updates such as order confirmation and invoice and shipment information.
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Bru customers benefit from Bru’s preferential courier, airfreight and sea freight rates.


Bru runs on SAP S/4HANA, a future-ready enterprise resource planning (ERP) system with built-in intelligent technologies, including AI, machine learning, and advanced analytics.

ISO 9001

Bru is an ISO 9001 certified organisation.
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Sampling Solutions


Digital sampling is also available, with digital twins of our products at your fingertips using Swatchbook.

Sample King

Sample King, an in-house subsidiary of Bru, is the leading manufacturer of custom-made textile samples servicing the furnishing fabrics industry. Customers can purchase state-of-the-art custom samples to exact specifications.
Go to Sample King website
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Visualisation Service

Craft visually effective marketing content with the help of Twinbru and our free to download 3D fabric textures.

Leverage our team of 3D experts to start your digital transformation today.

For more information visit www.twinbru.com

Go to Twinbru website
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Application Programming Interface (API) access to content

Gain access to our 3D digital content via our API infrastructure. We have 3 API products currently available:
  • Stock (to check product availability)
  • Products (access to technical product data)
  • Assets (to retrieve imagery)
Check out Bru's API portal
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Support & Sales

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Marketing Support

Bru provides comprehensive marketing support including ready-to-use photography of room settings, close ups, flat shots and lifestyle images all available free of charge and accessible on-line 24/7.
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Financial Support

Bru’s strong financial position takes pressure off our customers and their valuable working capital.
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Hybrid Salesforce

Bru’s internationally experienced sales team is driven by passion for our products and customer service standards, driving the business success of our customers both available online through video link, and offline in person.

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